Will Edmondes

AffiliationImproviser / composer / media artist, Lecturer

About Will Edmondes

BiographyWilliam Edmondes is an improvisor, composer and media artist working with recorded media, digital sequencing, guitar, Gameboys and voice. He studied at Cardiff (BMus), King’s London (MMus), and York (PhD). He performs and releases material under several pseudonyms, most frequently as Gwilly Edmondez, but also as Virginia Pipe, Cox Ring and many others.

AffiliationImproviser / composer / media artist, Lecturer  in Music, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


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Volume 1ISBN 978-1-906113-05-6Cries from the Guts

Yvon Bonenfant, Will Edmondes & Micah Silver (cur/eds)

Cries from the Guts, the first volume of the Experiments and Intensities series, explores the ways – sometimes gentle and whimsical, sometimes gurgling and grotesque, sometimes elegant and fine, and …